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1H 2022

Ongoing holistic programme for low-income families

Bright Horizons Fund Provides Continuous Assistance Amidst Tough Times

Earlier this year, NTUC First Campus (NFC) announced the launch of two programmes for low-income families and their children:

  • A one-time Child Development Account (CDA) top-up for each eligible low-income child;
  • An “NTUC First Campus Sponsored NTUC Membership Programme” to provide fully sponsored NTUC membership for low-income families.

An estimated 4,000 low-income families and their children will benefit from this support in 2021. The total spend is estimated at S$2 million for 2021 and will be funded by NFC’s’ Bright Horizons Fund. This is part of NFC’s efforts to give low-income families and their children additional support and a good start to the New Year.

Bright Horizons Fund Fundraising Initiatives

Programmes under the Bright Horizons Fund are enabled through the generous support of donors. Our initiatives are put together with a focus on providing learning and support programmes for children from low-income families. These programmes ensure that no child is deprived of a quality pre-school experience due to the financial constraints of the family.

We are mindful that unexpected circumstances can increase the hardships faced by low-income families, and we are pro-active in developing new programmes and extending additional assistance when the need arises.

Our fundraising efforts continue all year round to support the various schemes offered to low-income families. Please join us by donating to the Bright Horizons Fund to reach out to more children in need!

Share the Gift of Love today!

“My girls have benefitted from attending My First Skool, making more friends, learning to express themselves better and picking up essential social skills.”

Care extended in many practical ways

“The support from NTUC First Campus has made a difference to my son’s preschool years.”

Clear improvements in habits and behaviour

“Enrolling my children into My First Skool and applying for the Bright Horizons Fund have been totally worth it.”

Encouragement and support to become better parents

A Word from Our Beneficiaries

BHF has helped fund the cost of my son’s uniforms, and also enabled him to join field trips and celebrate his birthday with his classmates with a birthday cake. My son enjoys going to school. I am happy that he can learn in such a happy and caring environment. Thank you BHF!

Mrs Yong

Mother of a My First Skool child

A Note of Appreciation

We are thankful to our cherished partners and friends for their generous donations to the Bright Horizons Fund. Through their contribution, we are able to create possibilities and opportunities for children from low income families to enjoy high-quality and holistic education.

Our Cherished Partners

  • Mr Jimmy Phoon
  • Mind The Gap 200 Fund

Our Friends That Made This Possible

  • Lee Kim Tah Foundation
  • Mr Albert Cheng
  • NTUC U Care Fund

Your Contribution Matters

I would like to invite you to join us in this spirit of giving. Your contribution will go a long way in enabling the BHF to give more children from low income families a good start in life!

Mr Lim Boon Heng

Chairman of the Bright Horizons Fund (2008 to 2021)

From enabling small group literacy programmes to providing basic necessities like school uniforms, your contribution is crucial in providing opportunities to children from low income families. Through your generous donations, more resources can be allocated towards this cause of keeping dreams alive for the children who may need it more than we do.

Get Tax Relief

As an Institution of a Public Character (IPC), BHF donors who donate a minimum sum of S$100 are entitled to claim 2.5 times of tax deduction from IRAS based on the amount donated.

You can now make a donation via PayNow* to BHF by scanning the QR Code or by keying the Unique Entity Number (UEN) 200818009N in your mobile banking app. Participating banks include Citibank, DBS/POSB, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC, Standard Chartered Bank, UOB, ICBC, BOC.

*If you are donating via PayNow, please email your full name, NRIC or UEN number together with your transaction ID to BHFFinancialAssistance@ntucfirstcampus.com for tax exemption.

Make A Difference Today!

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