Partnering Families

Partnering Families

The growth and development of a child takes place at home and in school, so a child’s education is not complete without the support of the parents. That is why at NTUC First Campus (NFC), we believe in fostering responsive teacher-parent relationships based on care, trust and respect as the cornerstone to the children’s holistic development.

Child Support Model

NTUC First Campus reaches out to support children from low-income families and children with learning needs through the Child Support Model.

Our integrated team of educators, therapists, child enabling executives and classroom co-facilitators work alongside teachers, parents and community partners to enhance the learning and well-being of children with needs.

Serving every need

My First Skool (MFS) is committed to offering the necessary financial, social and developmental support to children from underprivileged families through NFC’s Child Support Services (CSS). In 2018, there were some 3,100 beneficiaries of the CSS, including 127 MFS centres with Developmental Support Programme and 10 KidSTART centres supported by 70 Child Support professionals. NFC will continue to scale the Child Support Model (CSM) to more MFS centres and be a practice leader with this financial and learning intervention model. NFC also frequently organises Family and School Together (FAST) events throughout the year, where families in need of financial support receive financial assistance, enabling them to visit sites and attractions around Singapore together and bond over new experiences.

Partnering parents through KidzMatters and workshops

In 2018, Parents College launched the KidzMatters website, an online resource with how-to-guides and activities for parents with children aged 0 to 6. Topics range from Health & Nutrition, Daily Care to Play and many more. Parents College also organises workshops for parents, helping to promote and enhance parent child-relationships, as well as strengthen children’s social emotional development. Visit the KidzMatters website at